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Application field of silicon Stone
Jan 24, 2018

Sodium silicate and silica are the main products of silica chemical processing. Sodium silicate is the most widely used chemical processing products in silica, the largest dosage of products, in addition to the manufacture of a variety of silicon compounds, but also a large number of cardboard, plywood, some metal materials and casting industry adhesives, soap, detergent additives, paper performance improver, in the textile industry for cotton scouring and bleaching auxiliaries, Textile Fire Treatment agent, Dye chromogenic agent. In addition, it is also used as cement coagulant, wood preservative and egg preservative, etc. The modified sodium silicate can also be used as interior and exterior wall coating. Aluminum silicate can be used as raw material for glass and ceramics, as well as paint pigments. Lithium silicate can be used as anti-corrosion paint, metal surface protection agent.

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