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Development prospects of Engineered Stone
Feb 11, 2019

Development prospects of Engineered Stone

The development of Engineered Stone is of great significance for the rational use of stone resources. China has promulgated the "Mineral Resources Protection Law", the use of mineral resources will be strictly controlled, and the phenomenon of wasting mineral resources will be stopped. Although China's natural stone resources are very rich, the current waste is amazing, the yield rate is only about 30%, and the rest become a large number of gravel. 

LS-S002 Pure White 纯白

Except for a small amount of utilization, most of granite stone become waste rock disposal, resulting in a great waste of resources. And this gravel can become the main raw material of theEngineered Stone, turning waste into treasure. Therefore, the development of Engineered Stone is in line with the basic national policy of comprehensive utilization of national resources. 

LS-S012 Snow Crystal 白雪晶

The processing technology of Engineered Stone is processed by an advanced assembly line, which fundamentally guarantees the characteristics of the board itself. It is very popular. For large-scale buildings, designers like to use Engineered Stone. In recent years, domestic large-scale buildings often use foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan designers to design programs, but also stimulate the demand for Engineered Stone. The demand is higher than one year, and the outlook is more optimistic. 

Black Diamond

Generally, the Engineered Stone is a square material. The main raw material of the product is more than 92% natural marble. It retains the noble and elegant characteristics of natural stone, and has bright color, uniform color, accurate size, high smoothness and resistance to pressure. It is a kind of internationally popular green environmental protection decoration material with the characteristics of grinding, good air permeability, environmental protection and many times of renovation.

LS-S001 Sha Anna 莎安娜

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