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Marble Maintenance
Jan 23, 2018

1. Marble is very fragile, afraid of the impact of hard objects, knock, so you should pay attention to prevent iron and other heavy objects knock stone face, so as to avoid pits, affect the beautiful. Granite and granite is easier to clean and maintain, leisure as long as the use of some detergent for simple surface cleaning, it will be able to protect its lasting new.

2. Periodically wipe the table with a cloth with mild detergent, then dry and polished with a clean soft cloth, when the surface is contaminated with some lighter corrosive such as lemon juice or vinegar clean stain, avoid using soap or soda powder, such as fragile marble essential materials to rub. Use lemon juice should also be very careful, its stay time is best not more than 1 minutes, if necessary, repeatable operation, and then clean and dry. For cosmetics, tea and tobacco stains, can be coated with hydrogen peroxide, stay for two hours, and then clean and dry. For oil stains, use ethanol (alcohol), acetone (wood essence) or lighter electric oil to wipe, and then clean and dry. If the marble furniture is burnt by cigarette butts, you should consider repairing them.

3. For slightly bruised marble furniture, the use of specialized marble detergent and care agent, the wear of serious marble furniture difficult to deal with, can be used to wipe the steel wool, and then polished with electric polishing machine, so that it restores the original luster. For antique or valuable marble furniture should be invited to professional treatment.

4, oil paint marble furniture must be treated with paint stripping agent, and in accordance with the product description. After all the paint has been removed, it is polished with a wire fleece and powered by an electric polishing machine.

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