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Production method of engineered stone
Nov 30, 2018

There are two ways to produce engineered stone. One is tablet-type production and the other is square-type production. Press-type production is to mix the main raw materials of fine particles (such as quartz sand particles, marble powder, etc.) with chemical binder, and then form the plate under high pressure under vacuum; the square production will be after the raw stone is broken, a chemical binder is added to stir under vacuum, and the high-pressure vibration method is used to form it, and a rock piece with a weight of several tons is formed, and then cut into a building stone. 

Compared with the tablet-type production, the square-type production has less glue, and can use large stones. The overall cost is lower. The products produced by the square material have more pores and must be covered by glue, which has a serious impact on product quality. In addition, the low hardness of the bone material determines the hardness of this product is very low. In general, quartz stone is used as a raw material to produce quartz stone. The reason is that the quartz sand has a high hardness. If it is produced by square material, it is very difficult to cut.

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