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Rational use of marble
Nov 19, 2018

Although the stone has a good decorative function, it should be considered in harmony with the surrounding environment. Especially when combining multiple colors, not only should it be coordinated, but also coordinate with the surrounding natural color. Otherwise,there will be a situation of "wearing a suit and wearing shoes".

Marble Application

Under normal circumstances, the living room and other large areas of "public space" are best to use white, beige and other light-colored products, because light colors and all kinds of furniture can achieve a perfect combination, to show more personality to the fickle the stage; dark colors will make the surrounding environment appear bright, but the large area of use or mismatch will produce a sense of oppression, such as some small-area countertops and other decorative decorations, preferably dark products, so that it plays a finishing touch and does not make people feel light.

Marble application(1)

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