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Resource distribution of Marble
Jan 23, 2018

The world's natural marble production is in the form of 25.35 million tonnes in 1990, 34 million tonnes in 1993, 1995 39 million tonnes and 1997 45.7 million tonnes. From the above data can be seen 1997 years of stone production is 1.8 times times in 1990, compared with other industries, the pace of development is very fast.

European stone production has always been a leader in world production, but its share of world output has fallen from 77% in the past to 1997 years of 52.6%. Italy's stone annual production in 1990 to 1997 has been maintained in the 720~750 million tons, but still maintain its world's largest stone manufacturing status, but its output in the world's total production of stone, the proportion has been declining. In the 80 's, for example, it accounted for about 30%, to 25% in the late 80, 19.8% in 1994 and 16.4% in 1997.

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