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Silica property
Jan 24, 2018

Acidic oxides, silicic acid anhydride. The chemical property is very stable. does not dissolve in water and does not react with water, and does not work with ordinary acids. It can be reacted with hydrogen fluoride gas or hydrofluoric acid to produce PTFE-Si gas. SIO2+4HF Sif4↑+2h2o have other compounds of acidic oxides that can react with alkali (alkali solution or molten alkali) to produce salt and water at elevated temperatures. At room temperature, the alkali solution and the SiO2 slow action to produce the corresponding silicate. Strong alkali solution can corrode glass, so storage of alkali solution glass bottle can not be used to grind the mouth, if the use of glass plug (glass containing SiO2), will produce a sticky sodium silicate, glass bottle Plug and the bottle is bonded together. The glass can not be long with concentrated lye. Silica is fused with oxides or some metal carbonate at elevated temperatures to produce silicate. Sio2+cao CaSiO3 (ironmaking slag) The molten sodium silicate at this high temperature to cool, cool, can get quartz glass, it has a good UV performance, can be used as mercury lampshade, high-temperature chemical instruments, quartz crucible and optical instruments. The source is formed by or deposition of magmatic hydrothermal fluids.

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