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The appearance properties of silica
Jan 24, 2018

The Appearance property is mainly silica shape, section, color, luster, inclusions and so on. Through the appearance, it can be preliminarily determined whether the silica stone is crystalline silica or cemented silica, is the pulse of quartz and so on.

Crystalline silica is generally milky, grayish white, yellowish and reddish brown. Has a bright luster, smooth and continuous cross-section, and with sharp edges and corners, hardness, strength are very large. Pulse Quartz is dense block, pure white, translucent, fat luster, the section is shell-shaped, quartz crystal particles more than 2mm, the naked eye can be identified.

Cemented silica appearance has white, gray white, yellow gray, black, red, and so on, the section is dense, shell-like, no obvious granular structure, the sharp edges of the section is not obvious, almost no luster.

Fine silica should be dense blocky, sometimes shell-like or scaly cross-section, there is no obvious layered structure, there is no inclusions between layers, and no limestone shell. Its color depends on impurities, usually iron compounds make silica is reddish-brown, organic impurities make silica belt gray, black and so on.

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