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The microstructure of Silicon Stone
Jan 24, 2018

According to the microscopic characteristics of silica, the heating properties and transition of silica can be judged to some extent, and the technological basis for making bricks is provided. The activity of cemented silica is larger than that of crystalline silica, and the more cementation, the faster the transition speed. The thickness and deformation degree of quartz particles also affect the transition speed, and the general crystalline granules are smaller and slower. For crystalline silica, if the quartz crystal is relatively small, the size of different sizes, and jagged structure staggered close combination, the calcination is easy to change, the expansion is not small, and not easy to loose; if silica quartz crystal larger and the diameter of the size of the close and round, then the sintering swell, slow transition, easy to loose, burning easy to produce cracks, The high porosity and low strength of silica brick.

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