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2018 China Hezhou Stone Calcium Carbonate Industry Technology Exchange Conference Opens
Sep 18, 2018

2018 China Hezhou Stone Calcium Carbonate Industry Technology Exchange Conference opens


    On September 16, 2018 China Hezhou Stone Calcium Carbonate Industry Technology Exchange Conference was held in Hezhou. Everyone gathered in the "World Longevity City", "Calcium Capital" and "Golden Capital" - Hezhou, to explore the development prospects of calcium carbonate industry and promote the sustainable development of calcium carbonate industry.

    Chen Guoqing, president of China Stone Association, Pan Donghui, president of China Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association, Lu Haiping, chairman of Hezhou Municipal CPPCC, Wei Shengan, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, experts from relevant universities and research institutes such as Tsinghua University and China University of Geosciences Professor, representatives from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Anhui, Hainan and other provinces (city) stone associations, representatives of the National Stone Standardization Technical Committee, China Synthetic Resin Association, etc., stone calcium carbonate industry experts, enterprise representatives, domestic related Media reporters, leaders of some city (county) government departments, and leaders of relevant departments and industrial parks of Hezhou attended the meeting. Vice Mayor Chen Yiming presided over the meeting.

    Leading guests launched the crystal ball and announced the official opening of the 2018 China Hezhou Stone Calcium Carbonate Industry Technology Exchange Conference.

    The conference was hosted by China Stone Association, China Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association and Hezhou Municipal People's Government. It aims to strengthen the technical exchange and economic and trade cooperation of the stone calcium carbonate industry, promote the innovation and development of the stone calcium carbonate industry, and achieve win-win cooperation. Innovation and opening up are the entry points to build a technical exchange and open cooperation platform for stone calcium carbonate industry, and jointly promote the innovative development and sustainable development of the stone calcium carbonate industry.

    It is understood that at present, the world's calcium carbonate production exceeds 120 million tons, and China's annual production and sales account for more than 30% of the world. Hezhou calcium carbonate industry has developed rapidly. In recent years, it has grown at a rate of more than 20% per year. It has become the country's largest heavy calcium carbonate production base, artificial granite production base, and China-ASEAN stone-calcium carbonate product processing and trade center.

Lu Haiping

    Lu Haiping said at the meeting that the preliminary proven reserves of Hezhou marble reached 2.6 billion cubic meters, accounting for about 1/8 of the total national marble resources. It is the largest white marble resource producing area in South China. In recent years, Hezhou relies on the advantages of calcium carbonate resources, vigorously develops the industry of calcium carbonate 100 billion yuan, and continues to increase the intensity of industrial science and technology innovation, to achieve the stone calcium carbonate industry from the low to the middle and high end, the industrial chain extends from the upstream to the downstream, promoting the stone The sustainable development of the calcium carbonate industry.

Chen Guoqing

    Chen Guoqing said at the meeting that in recent years, the artificial stone industry has developed rapidly and the application range of products has been continuously expanded, showing a significant growth trend in both domestic and foreign markets. Hezhou's artificial stone industry is a sudden emergence, and later came to the fore. In the new journey of thoroughly implementing the new development concept and planning for high-quality development throughout the country, it is extremely urgent to accelerate the pace of technological upgrading and transformation in the industry.

Pan Donghui

    Pan Donghui said that China Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association will continue to attach great importance to and fully support the development of Hezhou calcium carbonate industry, and continue to strengthen and strengthen the Hezhou Municipal People's Government and related areas in park construction, product development, brand building, marketing and international cooperation and exchange. All-round cooperation between industry associations and enterprises, relying on local resource advantages, geographical advantages and humanities advantages, grafting the information resources, human resources and technical resources of the association to jointly create the most non-metallic mineral functions represented by calcium carbonate. The material industry demonstration base will jointly promote the development of non-metallic minerals and calcium carbonate industry.

    The two-day conference consists of three events: the China Stone Association Artificial Stone Industry Technology Innovation Development Forum, the China Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association Calcium Carbonate Industry Development Forum and the China Stone Association Artificial Stone Standards Seminar.

    Experts, scholars and entrepreneurs on the artificial stone product standards and quality control and upgrading, innovation and development drive artificial stone enterprise transformation and upgrading, artificial stone enterprise brand building and market development, China's calcium carbonate green mine construction standard policy interpretation, China's calcium carbonate industry How to achieve sustainable and healthy development topics, speak freely, express their own opinions, and create a splendid spark of thoughts and collisions, contributing wisdom and strength to the development of the calcium carbonate industry.