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20180530 China. Shuitou Stone Index Price Index Weekly Report
Jun 05, 2018

20180530 "China. Shuitou Stone Index" Price Index Weekly Report

I. Stone Week Price Index

According to the "China Shuitou Stone Index" system monitoring, the 20180530 stone week price index closed at 95.78 points, up 0.01 points from the previous month, and was raised by about 0.01%. The stone price continued to rise slightly this week. Most of the stone varieties this week are stable in price, and prices of some varieties are adjusted with market demand. The prices of marble and synthetic marble all increase slightly. Granite and other types of stone are the same as last week.

Second, the classification price index

This week, the marble price index closed at 97.08 points, up by 0.01 points month-on-month and about 0.01%. The price of marble rose slightly this week, with the price of large slabs continuing to rise, the rate of increase stable, and the prices of blocks and finished products unchanged. This week, some of the new board lines are clear, the quality level is high, and the price rises. There are also a small number of large stocks that continue to cut prices.

The price index for granites this week was 87.37 points, which was flat compared to the previous quarter. Granite prices were stable this week, with no fluctuations.

Synthetic marble class price index closed at 101.97 points this week, up 0.01 points, up about 0.01%. Synthetic marble price index continued to rise slightly this week. The prices of raw materials and finished products continued to remain flat, and the price of large slabs rose slightly. This week, the price of a few synthetic marble slabs rebounded slightly.

In other stone materials, the price index closed at 90.00 points this week and remained stable. Among them, jade and travertine remained unchanged, while quartz stone prices continued to rise.

Third, the second class price index

In view of the secondary classification of stone materials, there are three types of stone products with fluctuations in price this week, namely marble slabs, synthetic marble slabs and quartz stones, which were closed at 93.95 points, 100.25 points, and 99.93 points, respectively, floating up by 0.01 points. 0.02 points, 0.07 points. Based on the above-mentioned changes in the prices of several types of stone, it can be seen that most of the prices stabilized this week, and the price of stone as a whole is on the rise.

Source: Shuitou Stone Index