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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marble Tables
Jun 28, 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Tables

    Marble dining table is divided into natural marble dining table and artificial marble dining table. The natural marble table is elegant and beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive, and due to the natural lines and pores to make the stains and oil deeper, it is not easy to clean. The density of artificial marble tables is high, and oil stains are not easy to infiltrate, making cleaning easy.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of marble tables



    The average family selects the dining table to choose the solid wood dining table, but the marble table's popularity, the texture and the comparison have the grade, becomes more and more family's pursuit! Here's a look at some of the related features of the marble dining table below:

    1. Because the surface of the marble is smooth, it is not easy to wipe off the infiltrated water and the infiltrated oil in time. For a long time, only a varnish remedy is needed.

    2, marble dining table, more significant grades, but less than solid wood flooring material is more conducive to health.

    3, marble dining table is more suitable for large-scale use, because marble handling is more cumbersome. Not suitable for moving.



    1. No deformation; high hardness, strong wear resistance.

    2. Not afraid of acid, alkali solution erosion, will not rust, do not have to oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, easy maintenance and simple, long service life.

    3. It will not scratch, it will not be blocked by constant temperature conditions, and it can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.

    4. It is not affected by moisture and the plane is well weighed.

Purchase method:

  Many people prefer marble dining tables. What exactly is the right way to buy marble tables?

  On the marble dining table, we need to check the quality of his appearance. In fact, as long as it is marble, there must be certain defects. The main point is whether you will choose a better one. Marble is naturally formed. Defects are inevitable, and when processing, the quality of processing equipment and measuring tools directly affects the quality of marble. Moreover, with respect to the marble pattern, marble has a noble place in that his pattern is mottled and colorful. But if you want to have a better decorative effect, or to choose a consistent color, small color, this look will be better, more harmonious, but the price is generally not cheap. But back then, sometimes the same price, but the quality is different, and this is the issue of cost-effectiveness. The gloss of the marble surface is also not negligible. If there is a mirror-like gloss, then this decorative effect is also very good.

How to maintain the marble dining table:


    1, marble dining table is still very good maintenance, in the marble surface has a layer of natural texture, there is a protective effect on marble. For marble dining table cleaning, products with mild lotion should be wiped with a cotton cloth and wiped in one direction as much as possible.

    2, if the marble table surface has been worn, then the maintenance will be more complicated, you can gently wipe it with steel wool, and then polished with an electric grinder smooth, so that is worn The surface will be repaired. The maintenance of the marble table can also use the liquid cleaner, use the neutral cleaner such as lemon juice or vinegar to clean the dirt surface, and finally wash it with water, which is also a maintenance method for marble.

    3, marble table during use, should avoid the use of strong acid and alkali to clean stubborn stains, this will damage the marble surface, daily maintenance should keep the marble table dry and clean. Many users will also use the marble table surface for waxing and polishing. In fact, this is the best way to maintain the marble surface.

    The maintenance of the marble table is easier than the real wood table. As long as we pay more attention to small details in our life, we can make the table the same as the new one.