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Application Direction Of Marble
Jan 23, 2018

Mainly used for processing into a variety of shapes and plates, as the walls of buildings, floors, stations, columns, but also used to commemorate buildings such as monuments, towers, statues and other materials. Marble can also be carved into arts and crafts, stationery, lamps, utensils and other practical works of art. Soft and beautiful texture, elegant style, is the ideal decorative luxury building materials, but also the traditional art sculpture.

This section of the main color is: multi-color, subjective attributes: pattern, has a high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, easy to process, with the economic development, the application of expanding, the use of more and more, in people's lives plays an important role.

In particular, large-scale mining, industrial processing, international trade, but also to the large quantities of decorative plates into the building decoration industry, not only for the luxurious public buildings, has entered the family decoration. It is also used to make exquisite utensils, such as furniture, lamps, smoking and art carving. Some can also be used as alkali-resistant materials. In the mining, processing process of gravel, corner residue is often used in artificial stone, terrazzo, koku, stone powder production, can be used in coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries filler.

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, susceptible to acid corrosion, if used for outdoor, in the air with CO2, SO2, water vapor and acidic medium role, easy weathering and dissolution, so that the surface loss of luster, rough porous, reduce decorative effect, so in addition to a few pure quality, less impurities such as white marble, Ayeqing, Generally not suitable for outdoor decoration.