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Application Techniques Of Marble
Jan 23, 2018

Marble Carving Art-sculpture

Sculpture, also known as the three-dimensional carving, is the overall performance of the art in the carving pieces, viewers can see from different angles of each side of the object. It requires the sculptor to carve from the front, back, left, right, upper, middle, and bottom. It is the most basic technique in stone carving.

Sculpture General "open carving" in the past, at the same time require special attention to the work of all angles and orientation of unity and harmony, only in this way, sculpture works can withstand the full range of viewers.

Because sculpture works is very rich in three-dimensional, vivid, lifelike, vivid, so the choice of marble sculpture Strict, from the long wide to thick and thin must have the appropriate proportions, and then the carving division in proportion to "play blank." "Playing blanks" is the first procedure in the sculpture, is also an important link, especially the large sculpture works, but also need to first in the soil "play", to revise the "mud draft", and then formally in marble "play blank." The purpose of "playing blanks" is to ensure that all parts of the sculpture work can be strictly proportional to the requirements, and then move the knife to carve a lively and vivid works.

With the passage of time, the theme of stone carving constantly widened, stone carving techniques are constantly enriching development, on the basis of sculpture techniques, the emergence of carving, chain carving. In the performance content, also from the independent individual development to the character, the animal and the landscape and so on unifies the large-scale sculpture, this makes sculpture from the technique to the work content all richer and consummates. The same sculpture works, often sculpture, carving, chain carving and other techniques to digest.