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Artificial Marble Countertops Maintenance Method
May 22, 2018

As the name suggests, artificial marble countertops are countertops made of artificial marble. The artificial marble is a new kind of composite material, which is generally made of unsaturated polyester resin mixed with fillers and pigments, plus a small amount of initiators, which are processed through certain processes. Due to differences in raw materials and manufacturing processes, artificial marble produced can also be divided into several types, and the performance of different types varies.

Artificial marble countertops

General stain cleaning: Artificial marble is a kind of artificial solid hairless pore dense material, strong anti-fouling, so most of the stains do not pose a big threat to artificial marble. Daily only need to carry out simple cleaning and maintenance. For example, when there are water stains or large stains on the surface of artificial marble, wipe it off with a damp cloth, detergent, or soapy water.

   Timely refurbishment ensures life

The texture of artificial marble is soft and easy to design. However, artificial marble has poor thermal conductivity and is prone to cracking. What should be done about this situation?

Artificial marble countertop cracking needs timely repair

The cracks on the countertops need to be repaired in time. Do not drag for a long time. Cracks If the water flows down to the cabinet plate or backboard, prolonged soaking can cause the cabinet to rot locally and grow pathogens or bugs.

   Cracking Cause Analysis

When the artificial marble countertop is cracked and repaired, it is necessary to clarify the cause of cracking so as to avoid the same problem from recurring. The common cause of cracking of artificial marble countertops is kitchen cabinets. There are several situations.

Cracking caused by uneven stress

If the countertops are not installed with reinforcement strips, the cutting position is positive for the absence of strips. Therefore, this is more like hanging vegetables in the air. If the hardness of artificial marble countertops is not high enough, cracks will be formed in the purely stressed parts if the time is long. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of protecting the mesa stress area before repair.

Pad problem caused cracking

The cracking of the countertop may also be caused by the problem of underlays and underlays under the countertop. If the material of the underlay is poor, the water tank leaks water or leaks. The undercarriage will inevitably swell in such a situation, resulting in cracking of the countertop; in addition, there are also countertops. There is no padding board below, or the pad pad is not flat and cracked. 

Improper opening caused cracking

Whether it is a sink or the hole of the cooktop, it should be curved around. After the hole is opened, a layer of backing plate should be added around the hole to increase the bearing weight, otherwise the table cracking will occur easily.



   Countertop crack repair method

The formal maintenance method is to first select the same color material, cut into thin seams according to the size of the cracks, glue them to the cracks with glue, and finally perform overall polishing. The cracking of the countertops requires a high level of workmanship and requires an experienced master to repair it.

  Artificial marble countertops

Many consumers prefer to use artificial marble when choosing countertops such as cabinets. However, some consumers often overlook the late-stage maintenance and maintenance of artificial marble countertops. They do not know that reasonable maintenance is essential to extend the service life of artificial marble countertops.

   1, to avoid direct storage of high temperature objects

temperature appliances taken directly from stoves or ovens or microwave ovens may cause cracks on the surface of artificial marble countertops. Everyday, you can use the pot holder with rubber feet, or put a heat insulation pad on the table. In addition, artificial marble countertops cannot be hot water immediately after cold water flushing.

   2, avoid contact with strong chemicals

Artificial marble has long-lasting anti-noxious capabilities, but it is still necessary to avoid contact with aggressive chemicals such as paint removers, metal cleaners, and stove cleaners. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately flush the surface of the artificial marble with plenty of soap and water.

   3, to avoid excessive weight or sharp objects hit the surface

Don't let heavy or sharp objects hit the surface directly. When cutting the vegetables in the kitchen, please add a cutting board. Although the artificial marble countertops are solid and durable, this will leave unsightly scratches.

   4, try to keep artificial marble countertops dry

Because the water contains a lot of bleaching agents and scales, after a long residence time, the color of the countertops will be lighter and affect the appearance. Therefore, after getting stained with water, wipe it off with a rag.