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Classification Of Marble
Jan 23, 2018

To the classification of marble varieties, naming principles are different, and some of the origin and color naming, such as Dandong Green, Tieling red, etc., and some of the pattern and color naming, such as Snow Gray, Ayeqing, and some of the pattern of image naming, such as autumn, waves, some traditional names, such as white marble Therefore, due to different habitats are often similar to the same name or abnormal rock phenomenon.

China's production of marble in accordance with the basic color of its polished surface, can be divided into white, yellow, green, gray, red, coffee, black seven series. Each series according to its polished surface color and pattern characteristics can be divided into a number of subtypes, such as: white marble, rosin yellow, Dandong Green, Hangzhou ash and so on. Marble pattern, crystal granularity of the ever-changing, there are landscape type, cloud type, pattern type (thread, Willow, wen, paleontology, etc.), snow type and so on. Modern architecture is colorful and constantly changing, therefore, the decorative marble also requires many varieties, many colors, can be matched for different parts of the building. General to monochrome marble requirements of uniform color, color flower marble requirements pattern, depth gradually transition; Pattern marble requirements clear pattern, bright color, pattern regularity strong. In short, the color beautiful, convenient for large area splicing decoration, can with the color batch supply as well. The classification of Chinese marble crafts is shown in table 4.25.1.