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Home Inspection Of Marble
Jan 23, 2018

Common Test One: on the back of the stone drop a drop of ink, such as ink quickly scattered around the leaching, that is, the stone inside the particle is loose, poor quality; but if the ink droplets do not occur infiltration, it shows that the stone density, good quality.

This is actually a simple test of water absorption of stone, if the ink droplets do not penetrate may indicate that the texture of the stone is relatively dense, low water absorption rate. Marble usually brushing a layer of protective agents to prevent the infiltration of stains. Even if the customer sees the ink drop is likely to be protective agent at work, rather than the performance of the stone itself. In addition, if the water on the back of the stone drops into a droplet shape, it has been brushing over the protective agent, it is difficult to absorb water, but also may cause it and cement can not fit, so you can think of marble positive water absorption rate of the smaller the better, but should also consider its back can be with cement type adhesive very good adhesion.

Common Test two: vinegar and marble reaction to produce calcium acetate, so the vinegar drops on the marble will lead to changes in the surface of the stone, become coarse, which can be seen is not a real marble.