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Industrial Requirements For Marble
Jan 23, 2018

For the different application of natural marble, its industrial technical requirements have different emphases.

Natural marble Block

Building Materials Industry Standard (JC202-92) the main requirements for natural marble blocks are as follows:

The material must have a rectangular parallelepiped shape.

The specification size of the block requires a length greater than or equal to 100cm, the width is greater than or equal to 50cm, and the height is greater than or equal to 70cm.

Appearance quality requirements of the same batch of the hue pattern should be basically consistent, the shortage of the angle, lack of edges, cracks and other appearance quality level should conform to the provisions of the table 4.25.6.

Physical performance requirements (JCT202-2001): bulk density is not less than 2.6g/cm3, water absorption is not greater than 0.5%, drying compression strength is not less than 50MPa, bending strength is not less than 7.0MPa.

Craft Engraving

Requirements of dense marble structure, particle uniformity is not easy to fall off, no cracks, no inclusions, color, pattern, block degree, shape to meet the requirements of the form, general requirements greater than 0.15m3. such as for outdoor, do not need a fresh rock surface, but the requirements of good weathering resistance, low water absorption rate.