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Knowledge | Material Type For Stone Anti-slip Treatment
Jul 06, 2018

Knowledge | Material type for stone anti-slip treatment


Stone anti-slip material type


    1. Non-slip stickers: non-slip stickers of various stone colors, simple and flexible construction, suitable for natural stone and all kinds of artificial stone, stone and ceramic stairs and slopes with water slipping.

    2, anti-slip agent: suitable for all kinds of natural and artificial materials surface. Such as artificial marble, ceramic tiles and so on.

    3, anti-skid curing agent: has the effect of increasing light, anti-skid, and curing, mainly used for marble, natural stone, ceramic tile, wood board and other ground and breathable and wear-resistant ground.

    4. Epoxy type anti-skid coating: It is mainly used for commercial and industrial ground skid and rough shovel. It is suitable for indoor floor with high requirements for safe walking.

    5, rubber resin anti-skid coating: rubber resin anti-skid coating is the first choice for outdoor floor anti-skid, this coating has high anti-ultraviolet performance, suitable for all kinds of processing plants, fast food restaurants and other places.