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Knowledge | Precautions For Marble Cleaning And Maintenance
Jun 14, 2018

Knowledge | Precautions for marble cleaning and maintenance

    1, marble is not acid and alkali, fruit juice, coffee, tea, cola and other mild alkaline liquid can be corroded stone surface, so once found dripping, should be wiped clean for the first time, and clean water with a net. Daily cleaning must use a neutral detergent (such as detergent, hand sanitizer).

  2, marble stone is soft, low hardness, non-wear-resistant, sand and metal hard objects can be scratched stone surface, so the entrance should be filled with dust-absorbing rubber mats, do not move on the ground to pull tables and chairs bench, cleaning and maintenance Stone surface sand and hard objects should be timely cleaned and removed.

  3, marble because of its material reasons, if the stagnant water stays on the stone surface for a long time, the stone will absorb some of the water, if not dry in time, the stone will appear panthelin, white hua, mold and other diseases, once the stone lesions, governance It will be difficult to get up, especially light-colored marble. When cleaning and maintenance, water consumption should be reduced as much as possible, and water and neutral detergents (such as detergent) should be sucked cleanly, and the stone should be kept dry. General waterproof protection before installation.

  4, marble can not be water wax or solid wax. Wax wax or solid wax is a traditional backward maintenance method more than a decade ago. It is a wrong maintenance method with serious drawbacks. This will block natural stone pores, so that the stone can not normally "breathe" and prone to lesions.

  5, according to the use of density, regular daily crystal hardening treatment.

  6, regular waterproof, anti-oil care