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Knowledge | Stone Paving Requirements And Details
Jul 02, 2018

Knowledge | Stone paving requirements and details

Stone paving requirements and details

  First, the preparation work before the stone paving, the problems that should be paid attention to during the construction


    1. Please read the instructions on the packing box before stone paving.

    2. Stone is a natural product with natural texture and chromatic aberration. It is a normal phenomenon. Such as: There are caves in the cave, sandstone has sand eyes, and the schist is multi-layered. The stone mosaic is made by hand processing technology, so there are natural errors between the particles, and there are natural errors in the gaps between the particles, but does not affect the construction (adjustment can be made during construction).

    3, due to the special texture of stone products, to avoid the cement mortar or colored material contamination of the surface, the construction site should be kept clean.

    4. Before stone paving, first clean the surface of the stone, make it clean and dry, and then use a plate brush (brush) or roller in the form of a water-soluble anti-seepage agent on the counter, front, and four sides of the stone. For best results, the first layer should be completely infiltrated into the substrate (1-2 hours) and then brushed a second time. After the anti-seepage treatment is completed, it can be paved after at least 24 hours of maintenance.

    5, stone paving should be laid in the seams (except bamboo mosaics, etc.).

    6. In order to enhance the firmness and anti-staining properties of the adhesive, it is recommended to use an adhesive.

    7, light-colored stone, please use a light color filling agent.

   8, slate stone surface is made using a special stripping process, so there is uneven thickness between each piece. Because of its rough surface, please use a soft cloth to wipe a small amount of cooking oil on the surface before filling it, so as to clean up the filling agent.

    10, after completion, please find the wax stone conservation.

    11. For daily cleaning, do not use acidic cleaners or powder alkaline cleaners to clean the stone.

  Second, detailed processing


    1. Natural and fine: the parts of the broken pieces are naturally arranged in order, the contrast of the material size is not too large, the seams are even, the pavement parts are neat and uniform, the arcs are smooth and beautiful, and no obvious concavity is allowed. The seams of the stone are tight and the cutting standard is not allowed to occur.

    2, the corner edge of the processing: the corner of the edge of the stone according to the length and angle of the arc, the scene is arranged after the arrangement of the cutting (large specifications, can provide the radius and angle of the arc, custom processing), each piece of material by size, The processing of isosceles ladder shape does not allow unilateral cutting, and the phenomenon of small edges and small materials is not allowed in arc segments.

    3, multiple forms of combination processing

Concentric circle form paving:

   1 According to the design requirements, the stone is processed according to the radius arc length, and the stone size and specifications within the same radius are kept consistent, so that the arc is smooth and beautiful; the radial paving seams are aligned, and the seam size is uniform.

    2 The splicing of composite materials shall be controlled according to design requirements to keep the joints smooth and natural.

    4. Treatment of pavement surface water collection outlet The smoothness of surface pavement drainage is a key part related to project quality and function; setting surface drainage outlet according to the drainage slope and elevation setting of the ground, the drainage position is set at the lowest point, and the cover plate is relatively About 5mm around the bottom of the pavement; the ground drainage outlet as a whole paving the unity, the construction process and requirements are very high: the edge processing is very fine, as shown: the material cutting symmetry, and the surrounding material splicing, All can be treated as a detail of the construction.

    5. Treatment of landscape stone and paved roads Landscape stone is used as the fixed material of the effect. Its setting does not have a fixed pattern, which is mainly reflected in the natural and beautiful appearance. As shown in the figure, its combination with the pavement surface cannot be deliberately sought for a form. Appear in various forms of nature. It mainly creates the effect that this stone originally had here.

  Third, product protection


    1. When transporting granite slabs and cement mortar, measures should be taken to prevent collisions with finished stones.

    2. During the process of paving granite slabs, the operator should be able to use the dry cloth to clean the grout traces on the surface.

    3. When walking on the granite floor, the compressive strength of the screeded cement mortar shall not be less than 1.2Mpa.

    4. After the granite floor is completed, it should be closed or covered on the surface.