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Marble Carving Art-carving
Jan 23, 2018

Carved carving is also called Hollow, that is, the stone does not show the part of the object to empty, to show the part of the object can be preserved. Based on the difficulty of carving carved, so from the selection of stone, the layout of the works, tools, such as carving procedures, and general carving techniques are different. Carved stone must be pure quality, especially the hollow part, more should not have cracks and high-density sand lattice, or easily cause fracture. Carved carving tools, in addition to the general carving tools, but also the need for special long arm chisel, grilled knife, shovel bottom knife, hook-type knife, as well as small saws and other special knives. Because of the carving of internal scenery with the siphoning direction of the way to overcome the difficulties of operation, so the design of the carving scene is the best to multiple surface through the air. Generally speaking, the more the direction of the empty, the more dense the hole, the more easy the carving, the effect will be better. The process of carving is "first outside the inside", to the outer scenery and other lining of the play, the process of cutting all finished, can be carved carving.

The marble has the beautiful color, the pattern, has the high compressive strength and the good physical and chemical properties, the resources distributes widely, is easy to process, along with the economic development, the marble application scope unceasingly expands, the dosage is more and more big, plays the important role in people's life.