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Moon Full Of Engraved, Went To Italy Verona Stone Exhibition
Sep 26, 2018

Moon full of "stone" engraved, went to Italy Verona stone exhibition

   The annual Italian Verona Stone Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Verona Stone Fair") will be held on September 26th. As the weather vane of the global stone industry, the Verona Stone Fair naturally attracts a number of stone people. Flocked to travel.


 It coincides with the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival of the traditional Chinese reunion festival. In order to prepare for the exhibition, most stone people choose to arrive in Italy in advance, and naturally miss the reunion time with their families. Although the moon is the hometown, but the "stone family" in the hometown is not a different kind of reunion?

—— Where there are stone people, it is a reunion.

    When it comes to Italy, the classic Rome, the literary Venice, the fashionable Milan, and the "City of Love" - the romantic Verona.

    When strolling through ancient cities, you will always see Italians using large areas of stone. I don't know, stone has been used in Italy for thousands of years, and both the space and the design of the exhibits are full of fashion elements. In fact, as early as the 20th century, Italy has been monopolizing the international trade of natural stone, and the “Made in ltaly” stone products can be seen everywhere. Today, Italy's production and import and export volume ranks first in the world, while stone product quality and mining processing equipment are also world-class.

    With the evolution of time, the Italian Verona Stone Fair, which has been held since 1965, has gone through 52 sessions and will be held in the 20th session in 2018. It has become the world's largest and most famous stone. Trade exhibition. For stone people, this is a world-class stone event not to be missed. It can be said that the Verona Stone Fair in September brings together all kinds of stone supply chain products, cutting-edge stone products, and stone trend trends. In the face of this stone feast, how will the stone people and the major pavilions prepare and prepare for the battle?

Association group exhibition, new model, study new technology

    When it comes to foreign exhibitions, the Stone Foreign Trade Association, which takes "foreign trade" as the direction of precision, will naturally not miss attending. As an active association in the past two years, STA's participation in the enthusiasm is unprecedented. According to incomplete statistics, the association will have more than 100 stone enterprises to participate in the Verona stone exhibition. "Participating in the association can achieve the most intuitive mutual help and mutual help. The strength of the association has a positive significance for the overall improvement of the image." Li Haijun, executive director of the Xiamen Nanan Stone Foreign Trade Association, introduced.

    In addition to understanding the international stone market and fashion trends, the Stone Foreign Trade Association will also visit Italian related companies with the Waterhead Stone Expo Organizing Committee during this period, and go to Bailitong, ANTOLINI, LAPITEC, TENAX and other companies for business visits. Communicate, communicate, and then learn intelligent science and technology to improve the overall production efficiency of stone.

The Stone Foreign Trade Association and the Stone Expo jointly visited Italy's famous enterprises

   "Expanding the international market and selling Chinese stone to all parts of the world, and the 'China-US trade war' can be said to be a good one. It also makes us realize that we must improve the quality of our products, produce stone products that meet the needs of the world, and provide ourselves with stone people. The development needs. In the face of the international situation of the Sino-US trade war, Li Haijun believes that the purpose of examining Italian advanced technology will be the upgrading and transformation of the self.

    As a new association of stone industry, the Stone Machinery Accessories Industry Association will also make its debut at international exhibitions. “In addition to the booths of the Federation itself, there are nearly 30 association companies participating in this exhibition, which showcases the various advantageous products, mainly covering stone machines, grinding tools, grinding sheets, glues and various stone machinery and tools. The counterparts from all over the world show the advanced products and technologies of China's stone machinery and accessories.” The relevant person in charge of the Nanan Stone Machinery Accessories Industry Association said that in addition to the exhibition, the exhibition will also visit the Italian stone machinery factory to learn the local advanced production technology. To improve the level of China's machinery manufacturing and scientific research capabilities.

The Federation’s “First President’s Office Meeting” is preparing for the Italian Exhibition and

Organized to discuss the inaugural meeting and awarding ceremony on November 6

    It is worth mentioning that in this Verona Stone Fair, the Stone Machinery Accessories Industry Association will visit upstream and downstream related enterprises and industry associations, and will also invite foreign companies to join the conference and participate in the stone held on November 6th. The establishment of the Machinery Accessories Industry Federation. With the change of science and technology, innovation has become a new way for the development of stone machinery and accessories industry, and the emergence of innovation often stems from the interaction and practice between the industries. Therefore, it is inevitable to cross the country and connect with the international market. The development trend is that there are already four international companies that have intentions to join the conference. In the future, they will engage with more foreign companies and promote more cooperation.


The development of each association is generated by demand. In the face of increasingly competitive businesses, the development of new modes of cooperation has become the choice of more and more associations. "As the number of members increases, the Federation will actively play the role of the association, and gather more member units to participate in stone exhibitions in various places. In the future, the face of the federation will appear in major stone exhibitions."

The major stone enterprises gathered in the Verona exhibition to perceive the power of stone

    Every year at the Verona Stone Fair, a lot of stone people are always in the limelight. It seems that stone people do not go to the exhibition, and will always run counter to the trend of the stone market and the trend of the year. There is no doubt that the Verona Stone Fair represents the annual wind vane, the trend of stone varieties, and the design style of stone products will always be reflected in this exhibition. The stone design is used to show the strength of the stone and the charm of the stone, thus sensing the application concept of the stone.