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One Of The Preferred Materials For The Background Wall
Nov 20, 2018

The First paragraph

This stone background wall has a beautiful name to call butterfly dream, colour is very dazzlingly bright and colourful, orange yellow and ivory grain road crisscross and coil, the grain road that forms naturally has a kind of irregular aesthetic feeling, let a person cannot help exclamation the uncanny axe of nature.The quality of stone material is glittering and translucent get rid of, rich burnish.The formation time of this stone has gone through a billion years, in the market is a relatively rare stone.


The second paragraph

This stone background wall is made of marble named gold silk and white jade.The material of this stone material is similar to jade, with a natural reticulate pattern, and the texture is transparent and of good texture.The pure white background is covered with crisscrossed gold threads, like the water of time in the unrestrained writing.The gold silk white jade of large area decorates indoor metope, make whole bedroom environment reveals the grade of noble atmosphere.


The third paragraph

This stone belongs to quartzite, also has a beautiful name to call blue shellfish, be like to be inlaid in the blue sea bottom many lovely mysterious small seaweed like spirit.The background of faint blue tone makes people feel as if they are in the mysterious undersea world. They want to find out the truth in front of their eyes, but they are not able to touch the mysterious and deep world.


The fourth paragraph

The name of this stone is saint Laurent.Indeed, this kind of material is a kind of grey series stone material with higher class on the market at present.Material is very delicate, crack is very few, and the need that can choose according to householder cuts direction of raw material.This kind of stone background wall has two kinds of styles, one kind is deep gray shading, the fine white grain that distributes even, another kind is deep gray shading, the white grain with thicker on cloth, and contain a few golden color and red stripe, resemble the black golden flower of Italy.