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Other Ways Of Marble Detection
Jan 23, 2018

People suggest that consumers in the purchase of marble, to be cautious with red, brown series of granite, marble, if used, the area of the best to do not more than 40 square meters. Try not to buy "mobile booth" marble, because many of these marble are stained, paint health safety problems. In the scene selection, there are eye, ear, drop ink three methods.

Eye view: The uniform fine material structure stone has the exquisite texture, is the stone's jiapin, the coarse grain and the unequal grain structure stone its appearance effect is inferior.

Ear: Good quality stone percussion sound and crisp, if there is a slight fissure in the stone or due to weathering resulting in contact between particles loose, the percussion is hoarse.

Drop ink: On the back of the stone drops on a small grain of ink, such as ink quickly scattered around the leaching, that is, the stone inside the particles loose or there is a gap, the quality of stone is not good, if the ink droplets in situ, it is good stone texture.

The consumer has the right to require the manufacturer to produce the inspection report when buying the stone. And should pay attention to the date of the inspection report, the same variety of stone because of its occurrences, ore seams, the origin of different, its radioactivity are very large differences, so in the selection or use of stone can not be a single inspection report, especially when the project in large quantities of use, Should be tested in batches or phased multiple times.