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Stone Mosaic Benefits And Benefits
Jun 25, 2018

 Stone Mosaic Benefits and Benefits

    Stone mosaic is a mosaic made by mosaicing, cutting, and grinding natural stone into various specifications and shapes. It is the oldest and most traditional mosaic type. The earliest mosaic is made of small stones and mosaics. The stone mosaic has a pure natural and natural texture, and has a very natural natural stone texture. The style is natural, simple and elegant. It is the highest grade in the mosaic family. According to the different processing techniques, there are two matt surfaces and two glossy surfaces. A variety of forms, specifications are square, bar, rounded, round and irregular plane, rough surface and so on. The use of this material to decorate walls or floors not only preserves the natural feel of natural stone, but also enriches the pattern.

    Natural marble mosaic is made by machine cutting into small particles, pure hand-made, due to the durability of the mosaic material, will not peel off due to environmental time, discoloration, is a high-grade decorative products, pure color, elegant and generous, with durability The characteristics of never fade. Widely used in various types of architectural decoration and interior decoration, it is an ideal high-grade decorative product.


    The stone mosaic combines the characteristics of stone and mosaic. When cleaning, special stone cleaning agent should be used. At the same time, attention should be paid to the clearance of each small brick. Stone mosaic standard products are divided into six categories, namely, mold mosaic, small particle mosaic, 3D mosaic, broken surface mosaic, mosaic carpet, castle brick. Mosaic products are not equal to edge products: For the production and sale of formal standardized products that meet the market requirements on a large scale, or for the supply of large-scale projects, the general edge materials Or waste can not meet their needs. At this point, if normal production and supply are to be carried out, then it will only be realized if there is a large amount of raw materials or open storage materials. Mould mosaic can also be said to be a mosaic with seams. The overall structure is a discontinuous mosaic product made up of standardized small cell blocks of different types and arranged sequentially between blocks and blocks according to certain gap standards, location standards, and pattern distribution requirements.

    The biggest advantage of the mosaic puzzle is that it breaks the straight line appearance of the stone, and the curve is mellow, soft and natural. With many changes, the collection of traditional aesthetic tastes and modern craftsmanship in the body is elegant, noble, and energetic, adding charm and dynamics to the stone. Together with different bricks, the flexible and varied features of mosaic can be fully utilized to make the whole picture more diversified and achieve mutual benefit.