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What Are The Notices For Windowsill Marble Paving?
Jun 19, 2018

What are the notices for windowsill marble paving?


In the construction of modern houses, residences will be designed with windowsills, and this design is loved by the public. With the public's love, this piece has also become a decoration focus, we all love to choose high-end stone paving when renovating the window sill, in which windowsill marble is more commonly used, the benefits of sill marble is to make your home can have a very Good brightness, so that the sunlight coming in through the marble can make the room bright, and the marble stone window sill is not easy to fade, and it can continue to maintain this original brightness. In order to make the entire decoration perfect, what do we need to pay attention to?

There are four main points to note:

1. Multiple splicing windows The platen is uneven and not straight: The processing window sill is long and wide, and the thickness is inconsistent. During construction, attention should be paid to using the same part in the same location. Be sure to check whether the foundation is flat or not. Try to level the big core board for decoration and then lay artificial marble.

2. When the window sill marble is laid, it needs to have a cushion. There must be no less than 1.5 cm thick box mat on the top; the underside of the countertop must be double artificial stone, and it must be firmly bonded, uniform and sticky. The joints should be flat and covered with adhesive to increase the strength of the countertops and prevent breakage. When the temperature is low, in order to prevent localized temperature cracking, do not continue to polish in one place.

3, sill plate plug into the bottom of the window under the cap head groove: construction should be checked before the sill plate installation conditions, construction should insist on pre-installed, meet the requirements after the fixed.

4. The bottom sill of the sill plate is not real: the ash is not strict, the level of the screed on the sill plate is inconsistent and uneven, and each process is seriously done in the construction. Padded, strict and firm.

Grasp these four points, paving basically no problem!